Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vancouver School Part 2

Another interesting aspect which intrigued me was the ideas about artists not wanting their work to be associated with Vancouver as local art. They seem to have the idea that local art is not as prestigious and they want to be international artists that have large recognizable cities attached to their work. Many of these artists like to use Vancouver and its rich scenery to their advantage in their work, yet still don't want to be acknowledge as local artists. I think that if you want to showcase Vancouver or part of the city in your works you should pay the proper tribute to it by being proudly calling yourself a Vancouver artist. Yes Vancouver may not be considered the world capital of art or be as renowned as cities in Europe. Yet I think calling yourself a Vancouver artist and associating yourself with the city can only benifit you. There is no harm in multiple associations and by associated yourself with Vancouver by no means does it mean you are regionlizing yourself. The idea that you can only associate yourself with one place because all your work is based from there is not valid. Why not embrace what you can and be unique instead of blending in with every other artist out their who doesn't have Vancouver as a back drop and also wants to be an internationalized artist?

Just a side note since this is my last blog for the course, I really enjoyed the class and the ideas that were thrown around. There were many good discussions and it was nice to look forward to a class that wasn't so rigid in its lecture structure. Cheers to everyone for a good semester! and good luck!

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