Monday, April 12, 2010

Terry Fox (memorial post #2)

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the start of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope, an attempted cross-Canada run that lasted 143 days until he was unable to continue. From a very young age I've known the name Terry Fox and though in elementary school I couldn't fully appreciate his importance to cancer research and Canada's image, I'm old enough now to realize that this is a man worth praising and of all the Canadian icons to be proud of he definitely ranks high. We've all walked past the Fox statue at the Burnaby campus and while most of us likely treat it more like background or decoration, I took a moment this morning to really check it out and consider Terry Fox's contribution to our lives.
I've been lucky enough to not have lost anyone to cancer, but I think Terry Fox can be recognized as an inspirational figure whether you've had a personal experience with the disease or not. I believe that the statue itself is a great way to remember Terry, and the fact that he is forever in mid-stride is a testament to the ongoing cancer research being done and the message that he sent to Canada and the world 30 years ago. This memorial is a reminder that, although his death was tragic, not all memorials have to be depressing and this is one that can truly include everyone. Terry Fox is a great example of a man who died doing something amazing that he believed in and I'm proud that he was born and raised just a few towns away from me.

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