Saturday, April 24, 2010

Look, I'm a Vancouver Artist

  • So MAYBE there' s more to creating art than turning a picture upside down, and maybe taking a picture of one's self, giving it an obscure title and flipping it does constitute an artistic statement, but I just do not know for sure. Of course it was rather interesting to know the back story behind Tim Lee's 'The Jerk'. By itself, the picture makes one really think "OK, what's Tim Lee trying to do here?", but with knowledge of his referencing another work of art makes things a bit more hazy.

The problem is not the statement (whatever it may be), but that it requires the viewer to know of the other picture and formulate (or be told of) the link. Without that, 'The Jerk' is just 'The Jerk'. Which I think is fine. Maybe the allusion to the other piece is an added bonus for art's elite, or maybe most art house-types would already be familiar with this, but I think that self-enclosed attitude is part of the problem with Vancouver's art scene.

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