Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Living Memorial

Mark Diamond, along with his partner Penelope Stella, invented the current theatre program here at SFU. For 30 years they worked together, created together and lived together. They guided a huge amount of theatre artists presently working in Vancouver including myself. Then one day, Mark died. After I mourned this tremendous loss, I started thinking about what he meant to me, how he had contributed to who I was as an adult, a student and an artist. How could I ever display my respect and admiration for this influential mentor? I became a living memorial.

Many times when I have felt overwhelmed by a project, I have used Mark's image and words to motivate me. I ask myself "What would he say or think at this moment?" When I was thinking about whether to teach or go to grad school, I asked the question again. Mark's work also lives through me as I teach and perform. I often use words and phrases about the work that came directly from Mark. In my life, he is a presence that guides me in my artistic work and a presence that I don't want to disappoint. I honour him through my work. He continues to live through me.

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