Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vancouver School Part 1

For me the ideas on the Vancouver School concerning the "old school" and the "new school" were the most interesting. The idea that something can change and we can compare the old with the new is fascinating. In particular the ideas of the student/ teacher relationship really intrigued me as well. What is better? Should the protege be made to be influenced by their teacher, or should the teacher be there simply for support? This is a notion that can be discussed in relation to many other aspects and not only art, however when discussing art it is important to realize that these students may not have the same opportunities as other students pursuing other interests. Therefore the student should get the best support that they can to make them the most successful that they can be. Money for the arts isn't exactly floating around waiting to be collected and having an overbearing teacher can cause poor work from the student. By no means does having an overbearing mentor mean poor work. Being influenced by someone who has done great things is phenomenal. So what if after you have the same style that artist used? You are never going to be exactly like them as an artist becaue every artist has their distinct flair they add to their work.

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