Thursday, April 1, 2010


Above is an image of the Victory Square Cenotaph that stands tall at Hastings and Cambie.
This war memorial was unveiled in 1924 and has been the location for annual remembrance day services in Vancouver.

The reason why I am posting this blog is because we only briefly talked about war memorials during group discussion. My dad served 7 years with the United States Navy before and during the Vietnam War so I personally have strong opinions when it comes to war and commemorating the experience of soldiers. In my opinion, out of all memorials that exist, war memorials are the most important. Designating space for them and spending money on their development and maintenance should not be an issue because of what they represent. Peter briefly explained some of his critiques with remembrance day and the selling of poppies.

I for one have had the opportunity to participate in 5 Remembrance day services at victory square as a Royal Canadian Sea Cadet. I was one of those cadets on the streets trying to sell you a poppy. I support that type of activity because I know first hand where the proceeds go. In the lower mainland, poppy proceeds that are generated from Royal Canadian Sea, Air and Army Cadets go directly towards veterans programs such as the Legions. To me, war memorials are significant to society because we often take for granted the freedoms we are granted as a result of being Canadian Citizens. While many of us have not yet experienced total war, we live relatively comfortable lives free from oppression. Had history played out differently we would be living in a different world today. Its important not to forget that.

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