Monday, April 12, 2010

Remember!!! DO IT!

Truth be told, I had sorta kinda forgotten about this blog for a while! (So I guess my next few posts will be like an overview of the units we've done...)
Honestly, I liked when the Olympics were here; I fully embraced the whole thing while it lasted. However, upon logging into Facebook for some early morning procrastinatin' time, I saw that the Olympics group had posted this message (see image).
Now I agree that it was a good time being out in Vancouver and exploring what seemed like a nice setup for tourists, feeling the patriotic atmosphere and partaking in the gold medal game celebrations, but with today marking the two-month anniversary of the opening ceremony, is this message REALLY necessary?
It comes across as borderline desperate, as if it needs people to click on the "like" button, or else we're failing to remember the event and therefore failing to perform our role as people that liked the Olympics? It reminds me of those annoying couples that can't just enjoy being with each other, but find it absolutely necessary to celebrate an anniversary every month and let the world know about it. I guess their relationship isn't legitimate without the confirmation? 1545 people have clicked "liked" so far!

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