Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, I went to North Van to see the Edward Curtis Project. I had no idea what I was in for. I did not previously know about Edward Curtis or his work on the North American Indian nor did I know anything about this production. The entire 90 minutes of the production were intense. The emotional weight of the production did not allow the audience a single second to stop and breathe. I found the play to be effective in bringing to light the various social issues surrounding First Nations people today. Right now I am also taking an Introduction to First Nations class, so the play reminded me of the various conflicts and land claims between First Nations people and the Canadian government during the last two decades. The "Vanishing Indian" presented by Curtis and the production recalled the encroachment upon First Nations lands and fishing rights that I have learned about in class. The Edward Curtis Project also disntinctly reminded me of The Ecstasy of Rita Joe. Both pieces feature female protagonists confronting the decay and disillusion of their cultures. Overall, I liked the ECP, but the emotional intensity drained me completely.

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  1. Thanks for these thoughts, Alex. Glad you enjoyed the play. And you're spot-on about the connection to Ryga's work.