Monday, January 18, 2010

Injecting Canadian Spirit...

Tonight I took a walk Downtown before and after a concert I attended at Venue. I was compelled to take a picture of this monstrous Canadian flag that I see everyday before and after work... it's hard to miss, and I find it injects a Canadian pride that was not there before in the city. Well, at least it lets tourists think we are THAT proud to be Canadian. Clever strategy, Olympic Committee. Go Canada Go.


  1. Yes, it's kind of hard to miss, isn't it? Thanks for the post, Melissa.


  2. not to mention the almost as big images found on the bay's building!

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  4. I agree that it's almost an unnecessary newsflash of "YOU ARE HERE"
    ...HOWEVER, I kind of like it.
    We're always comparing ourselves to the States, with their nationalistic snobbishness and kitschy flags on every lawn and keychain, but it's funny how we attempt to one-up them just in time for the Olympics. I personally want Canada to win in everything and anything possible; this just tells me that others feel the same way.
    Everyone knows we (and others actually) love our flag when traveling, but it's just nice to see it so in-your-face right in town.
    I hope it stays.