Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tonight's the Night

I parked my car at the corner of Cambie and Cordova. Walking towards the theatre I had a sense of fear and anxiety. Not because of the show, but because of the area I was in. As I made my way towards the theatre, there was a mix of homeless people and beggers, as well as a crowd of vibrant entertainment seekers. It was a weary feeling because while the surrounding area seemed like "one of those places you don't go alone," the venue location featured a brand new refinished complex. Perhaps this was apart of the city's attempt to revitalize the area.

On the night I went to see the show, there was a sold out crowd. I sat fairly close to the stage, only three rows up on the left side. Initially I was confused and lost. As the show started the entire stage and room was dark, and the song "Tonight," by West Side Street was playing. Followed by "Let the Sunshine," the audience did not see any actors on the stage until half way through the third song, "Come Together." At this point, I was actually angry because of the lack of action, in addition to the low tech "80's" CD player the DJ was using. The show featured about 20 songs - each time a different song was played the DJ would eject the previous CD from the CD player and then insert the next CD. I do not know if this was done on purpose, but I felt that a more efficient way of playing the songs would have been having all 20 songs on ONE CD. Again, I was not sure if this feature was meant to be a part of the show, but I did not particularly enjoy it.

On a brighter not, I did enjoy quite a few things. First and foremost, the music selection was excellent! Moreover, I really liked the variety of different actors on the stage. I felt that was a tribute to the multicultural mosaic of our growing city. In particular I loved the " 'My Love Will Go on,' 'Move It Move It,' and 'IPOD,' " segments of the play. I agree with Dr. Dickinson's message to the audience regarding the importance of the performing arts in Vancouver.

There is no doubt that the venue was placed in this particular part of the city for a specific purpose. In my opinion, having the venue @ this location is beneficial for the local community and the city as a whole because it adds value and worth to the area. It creates an environment and atmosphere that people want to be apart of. Although I was confused and lost during some parts of the play, "The Show Must Go On," was an amazing spectacle and experience that I enjoyed very much.


  1. Dave, it's "My Heart Will Go On." I drew a heart because I was writing in the margins and didn't have a lot of room lol. Other than that, right on Donkey Kong.

  2. A great mix of emotions you experienced there, David. I'm glad you found the overall experience so though-provoking. I won't ask where the photos came from!


  3. Didn't you feel like they should've clapped for us too?!
    After the audience's singing/dancing bit ended, they just left after watching us!
    I think we clapped for ourselves out of awkwardness :)

    But yeah I agree, it was very cool, and a different experience compared to other "typical" plays...

    I also feel like I want to comment on the part with the iPods, but can't put together something concrete. Anyone else?