Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last night I attended "The Show Must Go On" fully expecting to hear Queen, and not expecting much else. It took about 10 minutes to stand on Cordova and Cambie trying to figure out where the "back entrance" was, and then I decided to follow the crowd of well-dressed people. That seemed to be the theme of the night... following the crowd. As we were seated I was pleasantly surprised to see that I'm not the only one who still has a pile of CDs stacked on my desk. To keep this short and save writing material, I caught on to what the night had instore when the performers took the stage as the Beatles sang "Come together, right now, over me." The songs dictated what the performers were to do, and not just the performers, but the lighting, and the audience too. I appreciated the DJ/lighting man on stage because he is just as important to a stage performance as the actors, and sometimes the stage crew is overlooked. The lines between stage and audience were definitely blurred as the spectators became the spectacle. The audience was forced to "Imagine" and fill "The Sound of Silence." Also, several times the stage performers just stared at the audience, and some people took it upon themselves to perform.

Overall, I am glad we had to see this performance for class because it would not have been something I discovered by myself. I enjoyed what I saw and what I listened to; it was as though I was just chilling in my room listening to good music. I do not know if there was a theme between songs, or if there was an underlying reason why three Beatles songs were played. Perhaps it was a self-indulgent endeavor by the writer. I also believe the slow exchange between songs was deliberate, because if it was intended to be a smooth transition it would have been done on one CD. These are just more things for me to think about, and probably you too.

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  1. And you did get to hear Queen on top of everything else! Thanks for these thoughts Melissa.