Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Windsor St. Revitalization

When Professor Dickinson mentioned the East Van cross that is currently positioned on the corner of 6th Avenue and Clark, I attempted to envision any other works of art that may be present within East Vancouver, my area of residence. And then it came to me: the metal banners located on Windsor Street, just south of Kingsway between Knight and Fraser were very similar in design. These metal banners, which have been hung at the very top of a select few lamp standards, were part of a revitalization project within the Cedar Cottage area. Not very long ago, the area had been infiltrated with prostitution up and down Kingsway, leaving area residents very concerned for their personal safety and the safety of their own children since there are two elementary schools along Windsor Street. It took a while for the project to be executed; however, the pictures shown here are indicators of its culmination. Karen Kazmer, the artist of these banners, chose designs that really illustrate the area's diversity and dedication to the child. Currently, Windsor

Street is considered by most a public space where area residents are able to come together to garden, chat or just spend some quiet time studying a book or nature.
The area has seen many improvements and for the most part, the prostitution has dwindled away and moved elsewhere; then again, there is still evidence lurking around which indicates a failure to completely rid the area of graffiti and/or other signs of abuse. Personally, I am pleased with the outcome and look forward to seeing even more changes for the better. I wholeheartedly believe that this art project was not for the benefit of the Olympics but for the benefit of area residents who were worried about their future but now can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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  1. I'm glad the blogging seems to be working for you now, Sylvia. Again, what a fantastic photographer you are! Not to mention a discerning semiotician in terms of making connections between Ken Lum's East Van cross and the Cedar Cottage banners.