Sunday, January 31, 2010


Saturday night I attended a performance of poetics. In having already seen "The Show Must Go On" Poetics was sadly all too familiar. No words were spoken just a varying levels of movement which turned into dances performed by the two women and two men who took the stages at various times. Poetic had better dancers, better choreography,and overall i would say a better show than "The Show Must Go On" but it was too familiar to feel like I was being exposed to something new.

I didn't understand its relevance, true there were moments it engaged me with humor or funny quirks- like the two recycling depot mascots who picked up the dropped cups. The ballad of sleeping was also entertaining, it depicted our four dancers on the ground rotating in a variety of sleeping positions. At two points the dancers engaged certain members of the crowd in their routine. It was not the same sense of all inclusive performance that "The Show Must Go On" provided.

The finish was great. It had a clear escalation, our four performers were joined by a whole group who joined in the specific dances. A ballet dancer even came out and re-enacted our performers dance as if to give the show a professional validity. It had energy about it. It had a voice. It had a poetic sense about him but it's message that I felt that "The Show Must Go On had already addressed. While Poetics was by far a more engaging and visually appealing as a performance in my mind it shared the stage with "The Show Must Go On" and this isn't for the better.

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  1. Yes, the show were a little similar, but I like to think that was planned, rather than mere coincidence. For example, some of the "Show Must Go On" performers were also in poetics...