Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vancouver City

Amazing Time Lapse Clip of Vancouver.



  1. it makes me view the city as more of an organism. Also its interesting to see the cloud interactions because as Vancouverites we complain/embrace/acknowledge the rainy weather here so much! the weather is such a staple of Vancouver.
    Cool Video thanks!

  2. That was amazing. So much more interesting than the class I'm in right now. I didn't get to watch it with sound, but I agree that it makes the city feel organic and alive. It gives it a certain naturality, as opposed to being human-made, something we may or may not have been talking about in the first class (I can't remember!)

  3. The cloud formations and focus on bridges also remind me of San Francisco. I wonder if that was deliberate. Also interesting to note where and when the camera pauses to give viewers an identifiable marker to locate us in the city.

    Thanks for sharing, David.