Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The show should have gone on..

Initially I had to constantly keep telling myself to keep an open mind about the performance I was going to see. Having heard nothing about the performance or what it was about, I went to the performance completely unaware of what I was about to endure. Even the location seemed to be an issue for me as I really didn't want to drive my car down but am not a fan of public transit. After coercing my dad into driving me and Sylvia down, I realized that the area has definately undertaken a significant change. Yes a couple of blocks up you can still see the poverty and homelessness that engulfs the area but the new Woodwards building definately struck me as something to be admired. I don't remember it but as a kid my mom used to take me shopping at woodwards constantly therefore it brought me an explicable feeling of comfort by being there. I felt like I was taking part in a historical event as the thursday Jan. 26th show was one of the first to be shown in that space. It was definatly cool.

As the show commenced I felt a sense of giddyness as the crowd was quite young and I recognized many faces as students from SFU. Everyone seemed to be anticipating a good time, therefore I decided to share in their giddyness. When the lights turned off and the music started playing all I could think was that I was paying to see a show in the dark and that the whole show better not be all in the dark. I love music and the songs that they chose brought me a great sense of nostalgia and a smile to my face. The crowd seemed to be enjoying it as well as many started singing and dancing during numerous songs. I even partook in some of that singing without even thinking about it. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. There was the occasional song which I thought could have been left out or that was too repetitive and neverending. I even enjoyed the dj and his stack of CD's which I initially didn't think was part of the show. I just thought since the building wasn't quite finished, they didn't have better equipment to use for the show. I found myself counting down the CD's to see how many songs were left and was actually sad when I saw their was only a couple left. The hour and a half was over so quickly it definately left me desiring more as I didn't want it to end. It turned out to be my favourite show that I got to see, and I felt that even though it was extremely testing the norm, I wanted to bring my friends to see it so they could experience the same feeling of memories.

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  1. If you want to bring friends to something you've seen, then you must have enjoyed it. I'm glad.