Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best Before

"Best Before" was a play all about choices and consequences. It may sound really deep, but the entire theme was wrapped in a silly, interactive video game. Each performance of this play is unique to the audience watching it because the members of the audience were responsible for the actions of the "actors". If you haven't seen this play or read about it, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'll explain. Each audience member got a game controller and there was an enormous screen opposite the audience. Each controller controlled a little dot on the screen that was representative of each audience member. The controllers could move the dot, make it jump, make it fall back to its original place and make it bond with another dot ("marriage"). The choices that you made in life affected what happened to the dot and its physical representation (e.g. the more money you had, the taller you were). The actors on stage would ask a question (e.g. would you like to be male or female?) then they would designate one side of the screen as one answer and the other side as the opposing answer. This question would affect whether your dot could later become pregnant for example. The life of the dot was from birth until death (some point around 100 years). With each decision that the dot made, there was a trademark charactersitic that was given to the dot. For example if the dot went to jail for illegal use of drugs, then it got horns. I really enjoyed this play because I was a fun and interactive way to drive home the theme of consequences to our choices. If you have the chance to see it, I would recommend it.


  1. The concept was great, I agree. But I think the execution could use some refining. I kept losing my avatar on screen, for example.


  2. My mom had the same problem, lol (losing her avatar). She didn't end up bonding to anyone because of it :) but then she ended up winning the race (marriage slows you down in more ways than one) so I guess it was a tradeoff, lol.