Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Clark and I and The Passion of Joan of Arc

My Push festival experience was different each night I sat through a particular show. From the spectacle performance of The Show Must Go On to the Passion of Joan of Arc, each show left me feeling different emotions.

After having seen The Show Must Go On, I quickly realized while watching the Passion of Joan of Arc that it was going to be a completely different performance. I found the crowd to be significantly older than the other shows. The Passion of Joan of Arc was creatively an interesting performance to watch however I wouldn't say it was my favourite of the shows I watched. It was definately well done, just not something that I would for myself consider highly entertaining.

Clark and I Somewhere in Conneticut was definately more entertaining than The Passion of Joan of Arc however I found Clark and I somewhat lacking in substance and overall message. I have to admit, my initial attitude towards the viewing of Clark and I was poor. I was frustrated that it was friday night and I had chosen to go see this performance that as far as I knew was about a guy in a bunny suit with a microphone. Viewing a show with someone is always more fun and to top it all off my usual show viewing buddy Sylvia wasn't watching the show on the same night. Getting there and seeing the intimate stage set-up helped however, making me feel more at home. Also, Adam from our class showed up, making things better as I now had someone to talk to.

In my opinion the performance itself wasn't the worst I've ever seen. It was definately creative with its funny moments and witty phrases. As it wasn't completely a narrative the issue of plot progression wasn't hard to follow. I pretty much guessed right from the beginning that the photos were actually his as he seemed to have a certain fondness for them which wouldn't exist if they were truly strangers. I found the idea of finding picture albums in an alley really cool and the idea of finding their origins a good one as well. I think no having specific names for the personalities detracted from my overall comprehension. For me it was overall an entertaining performance with several questionable parts: such as the nudity. Really? Did we really need to see that?

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  1. The best festival experience is one in which all of the performances are unique in some way. I'm glad this was so for you, Marisa, even if some parts of these works tested your patience!