Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mysterious Inukshuk Man

Like Sylvia, I too noticed the vast amounts of inukshuks constructed along Creekside. It was hard to miss; there were hundreds of these creations, and even more spectators enjoying them and taking photos. While I was there, a man was in the middle of the rocks creating one of these impressive inukshuk towers. I took several photos, and naturally because I had enjoyed these creations I looked for his tip box. Among the long stretch of various inukshuks, barely visible, sat a small unmarked margarine container with a Canadian flag sticking out of it. As I approached it ready to drop in my ninety cent contribution, I was somewhat taken aback. Within the margarine container sat a single toonie and a single loonie. Hundreds of people were taking photos and admiring the creations, and here were three dollars for this man’s efforts. I have to admit, his tip box was barely noticeable among the rocks. But seriously, three bucks?! I began to wonder why he didn’t bother to make a more noticeable tip box. Was this the man who had made all of these Inukshuks? Why had he done it? It seems that money wasn’t the main motive in making these rock towers. Or maybe it was and he didn’t make the donation box more noticeable because he didn’t have the proper license to make money off of it. I tried googling these inukshuk creations, but there were no hits. So many questions, so little answers. This event really started me thinking about our course of Vancouver as a performance, and the motives for the performance this mysterious man had created.

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  1. Some very interesting reflections on performance in relation to questions of labour and cultural tourism, Ashley.