Monday, March 1, 2010

Won't You Let Your Red Heart Show?

This CTV video montage (from Stephen Brunt of The Globe and Mail) has been praised by by people who are as musically nerdy as I am for including good music . It features "Red Heart" by Hey Rosetta! (a band from Newfoundland and who are pretty much awesome). Besides the song, the narrative is interesting and awaiting your interpretation/criticisms/other comments. Enjoy and I hope to discuss this (and CTV's other cheesy montage videos) with you all next week!

EDIT: Below is a clip of the actually broadcast of the mentioned video essay by Stephen Brunt. I think Brian William's (and the network's) framing of the video is also interesting. And watch as the camera zooms in closer and closer as Williams is talking. How lovely.

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  1. I give it to the big television networks--they really do these mini-narratives well, all with the appropriately Aristotelian focus on plot and rising action (as befits a festival with its origins in ancient Greece). And cued to the right music.