Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RE: Olympic Fever

We talked about the sea of red and white and the hyper patriotism that the city experienced during the olympics this past week in class. However, we didn't really touch base on the other countries that were visiting. While it was awsome that we showed as much pride and patriotism as we did, there were others here doing just the same thing we were. We need only look at the number of different "houses" and pavillions to find evidence of this. Like us, the tourists that came to vancouver were putting on a performance for the world to see. I looked forward to greeting customers decked out in their own version of olympic clothing each day at work.. I was fortunate enough to meet tourists rock'n their Team Russia, Finland, and Czech colors.. and sparked some really interesting conversations with them. I wanted to know what they thought about the olympics and the kind of emotions they were experiencing. Heres a few more pictures I took during my own olympic experience.

ps: the little blue bugger is the mascot for Sochi 2014

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  1. Yes, the tourists were definitely doing their own performing, starting with those crazy Russians.