Saturday, March 27, 2010

Memorials part 2

Actually it is really interesting that Kylie bring up the Ironworkers' Memorial Bridge. Until recently, I hadn't really thought about why the Ironworkers' Memorial Bridge was called just that. I knew what had happened but not in great detail. Someone finally told me the story in detail and I have to admit it freaked me out a bit. Having crossed that bridge twice a day for 3 years while attending Capilano College, it never really hit me the gravity of the situation. Now everytime I cross the bridge I can't help but think of men who died during the collapse. They died in order for us to have that bridge. That makes them heros to me. For me this is the best type of remembering. Something in a common place that is utilized by millions.

It is sad that most memorials have to do with death and how the deaths occured. Death is often tragic and always painfull. Therefore in this aspect static memorials are a good thing. The people that grieve often need something to hold on to. Whether it be a grave site or just a stone plaque, it is important. So we come to the conclusion that some memorials are effective and others are not. Therefore it is hard to say that we shouldn't have static memorials, we should just be more selective.

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  1. Thanks for this blast of posts, Marisa. Very interesting.