Saturday, March 27, 2010


My ideas on memorials have definately changed in the last couple weeks of discussion. I was indifferent to the idea of a static memorial. After years of visiting places in Europe that are just full of memorials and so much history, it is quite faire to say I was becoming immune to what memorials can do. In most cases they bring out an emotion, a remembering. But what are you remembering? In my case along with many other people, we are too young to remember anything about many of the happenings that prompted the memorials. Therefore it is hard to categorize memorials as a whole. There are certain types of memorials that seem effective; such as the marker of change memorial. It is a memorial marking an event yet it represents the constant problem of violence against women. It is an ongoing issue and a person can relate to that when they view it. Just like you can relate to memorials of event that occured after you were born. For example, I can only imagine what I would feel visiting Ground Zero; the terrible loss, pain etc.. but overall I think I would be remembering where I was when it happened. What was I doing? Those are the moments that stay with you for the rest of you life. Rememberence is within us.

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